HELPLINE: 01772 558 863

Helpline: 01772 558 863

There are a number of ways to contact Disability Equality North West. To help you get to the right person or team, please choose a service from below:

Independent Living Advice

Lancashire Independent Living Service (LILS)

Advice and support for those receiving a Direct Payment for their social care.

Contact LILS

Information & Advice Service

Help with welfare rights, benefits, advice on form-filling, access to services and practical help.

Contact I&AS

Supported Banking Service

Supported banking service for those receiving a Direct Payment for their social care.

Help with welfare rights, benefits, form-filling, access to services and practical help.

Contact MAS

Hate Crime Support & Action

Third Party Reporting Centre

A community based approach to supporting victims of disability hate crime incidents and those who are most vulnerable. Assistance to report those incidents,

Contact Hate Crime

CoronaVirus Advice

Information of CoronaVirus

For general information on CoronaVirus check out

Please note this information is general, if you require information more specific to Lancashire please contact Disability equality on: 01772 558863 or


Chief Executive Officer

Contact our Chief Executive Office

Contact our CEO

DENW Office Manager

Contact DENW Office Manager

Contact Office Manager

General Enquiries

    Hello! Welcome to DENW

    We're furthering the rights of Disabled people across the North West

    Disability Equality North West is a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) that started in 1996. The organisation is run and controlled by disabled people.

    The main aim is to further the human rights of disabled people across the North West and we provide a number of user-led services to support disabled people and achieve this aim.

    The different services have arisen out of local community needs and they promote the Social Model of Disability.

    For more details on our history, read our Disabled People’s Movement History Page. 

    To learn about our Mission and Strategic Plans, read our DENW Strategy Document.

    To make a complaint about DENW, please follow our Customer Complaints Procedure.

    And to learn more about our Privacy Policy, you can download that on our Protecting Your Privacy page.


    Social Model

    Disability Equality NW is for all disabled people and exists to provide services which help disabled people live independently.

    Our understanding of the Social Model is described here:



    An easy read version is here.


    Our Services

    Current services include:

    • Advice, information and client liaison
    • Hate Crime Reporting and Support
    • Group Activities and Training
    • Managed Accounts for Self Directed Support
    • Peer support