Lancashire Independent Living Service

Lancashire Independent Living Service (LILS) is a Consortium of 2 disabled people’s organisations (run and controlled by disabled people), Disability Equality North West (DENW) and Disability Positive (formerly Cheshire Centre for Independent Living (CCIL)  LILS offers Direct Payment information, advice & payroll support to local people who are in receipt of a Direct Payment from Lancashire County Council.

How does it work?

Information, advice and support

Our team of Independent Living Advisers (ILA’s) are on hand to provide Direct Payment information, support and advice.  We aim to provide a friendly and professional service that is independent and impartial.  Promoting through knowledge and support, service user empowerment and independence in the management of a Direct Payment.

We advise users on the options open to them and support them through to independence in the set up and ongoing management of their budget, to enable disabled people to use their budget to meet their assessed care needs.

Providing support and advice on issues relating to the engagement of personal assistants including:

  • Recruitment advertising
  • Job descriptions and person specifications
  • Interviewing
  • Contracts of employment
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Payroll


Lancashire Peer Support Group


We offer further support, as well as our ongoing LILS support.  We have a Peer Support Group which is a place where you can find information and advice from other people using direct payments.


There are:

  • parents of disabled adults and children
  • disabled people who employ their own personal assistants (PAs)
  • and others who support family members or friends


Peer Support is available every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm.

This is an opportunity to talk to other people who use direct payments to pay for their and others’ support needs, including agency care, communication support and employing Personal Assistants.  It is your opportunity to share experiences, to ask questions, and to enhance your knowledge about the direct payments process, and how to access training and support.


To find out more:

  • Ring the office 01772 558 863 then enter extension 2029.
  • or text the mobile number 07925 356369
  • or email me at and title the subject line “PEER SUPPORT REQUEST”

We hold regular online meetings, every two months, and have contributions from guest speakers.


Topics include:

  • Recruitment advice
  • Disability Positive payroll
  • Employer support
  • Advice and support
  • Training opportunities
  • Direct Payments in Lancashire

Register in advance for these meetings:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Individual Employer 2024 Funding


As an individual employer you can apply for the individual employer funding to train yourself and your personal assistants (PAs).

This funding can be used to cover training costs to develop your skills as an employer, direct costs of completing training/qualifications, hiring replacement support whilst your usual PA is attending training courses and travel.

Applicable to people who employ their own care and support using an adult social care direct payment (personal budget) or using your own money (‘self-funder’).

Payroll support

We provide a comprehensive payroll service to people throughout Lancashire taking a Direct Payment to employ their own support staff.

You will be allocated a named person (a Payroll Clerk) who will manage your payroll account. Your Payroll Clerk will process payslips on a monthly or four weekly basis and make sure that tax and national insurance is calculated correctly.

Payroll will also make sure that you are meeting your statutory employer responsibilities such as:

  • Calculating sick pay
  • Calculating maternity pay
  • Calculating workplace pensions
  • Providing P60s and P45s
  • Sending all the necessary paperwork to HMRC

Popular questions

What is a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments are cash payments made into a prepaid card account, supported banking account or designated bank account by a Local Authority or the NHS to eligible people. These are a way of you meeting your own support needs instead of the Local Authority or the NHS providing services to you.

How can I get Direct Payments?

You need to have an assessment carried out by a Local Authority social worker or an NHS continuing health care nurse. The assessment will show whether you are eligible for a Direct Payment and what you can use it for.

What can I spend my Direct Payments on?

Direct Payments can be spent on a range of services to meet your eligible social care needs, these will have been discussed at your assessment and will be detailed in your support plan.

Looking for work as a Personal Assistant?

There are a variety of vacancies available throughout Lancashire with an immediate start.

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