HELPLINE: 01772 558 863

Helpline: 01772 558 863

There are a number of ways to contact Disability Equality North West. To help you get to the right person or team, please choose a service from below:

Independent Living Advice

Lancashire Independent Living Service (LILS)

Advice and support for those receiving a Direct Payment for their social care.

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Information & Advice Service

Help with welfare rights, benefits, advice on form-filling, access to services and practical help.

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Supported Banking Service

Supported banking service for those receiving a Direct Payment for their social care.

Help with welfare rights, benefits, form-filling, access to services and practical help.

Contact MAS

Hate Crime Support & Action

Third Party Reporting Centre

A community based approach to supporting victims of disability hate crime incidents and those who are most vulnerable. Assistance to report those incidents,

Contact Hate Crime

CoronaVirus Advice

Information of CoronaVirus

For general information on CoronaVirus check out

Please note this information is general, if you require information more specific to Lancashire please contact Disability equality on: 01772 558863 or


Chief Executive Officer

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General Enquiries

    DENW’s New Digital Project Needs your Input!
    16/11/2020 Website Admin

    DENW’s New Digital Project Needs your Input!

    Posted in DENW

    DENW are currently working with DigiEnable to look at ways in which technology can be used to make communication with, and between, people with disabilities better online…and we need your help.

    Here’s a note from the DigiEnable team…

    “You see, we’re really good at running consultations, and developing ideas, but you know a lot more about the needs of people with disabilities. So, we’re going to run a couple of quick Zoom sessions at the end of the month, to ask you, what sort of questions we should be asking to find out the type of support that is needed, and the language which should be used. We’re also going to delve into some ideas around advertising and how to get more people outside of the current membership involved.”

    Your input will be invaluable!

    If you are able to help us out and would like to have an input into the way this project develops, then please register yourself on one of the two sessions below…

    If you can attend Monday 30th November at 1 pm-2pm, please register here

    If you would prefer an Evening meeting, on Wednesday 2nd December 6.30-7.30pm, please register here

    We would really appreciate your support, in helping produce some really meaningful results and these two meetings are the first steps.

    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at